Tuesday, April 3

Exodus 17
Psalm 84
Romans 13:1-14

Moses was a leader chosen by God. He didn’t lead of his own accord, but did and said as God told him. The people were difficult: they quarreled, they complained, they wouldn’t listen to Moses. But Moses listened to God and did and said as God told him.

In Romans we learn that God has given authority to those who govern over us and that no one has authority over us except as God gives it. God knows the big picture, we do not.

Do you quarrel and complain about the leaders God has put over you, or do you remember that God is in control? He is the God of peace. He asks us to love our neighbors as ourself. Do you humble yourself and live in peace and love?

1 thought on “Tuesday, April 3”

  1. Wow, when will I learn? Repeating history, trying to keep an improvement diary. Maybe that will help , but always give it to GOD every day


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