newstimestwo.jpgWelcome to the website of Trinity Lutheran Church, Monroeville, Ohio.
We are a parish of the North American Lutheran Church.

Our Mission: We are a called and forgiven community of God’s people sent into the world to share Christ’s love.

Our Core Values:
* Jesus is Lord!
* Forgiveness is a gift
* Every person is a child of God.
* God desires that all people would come to know Him.
* A life of Worship is a sign of God’s love for the world.

Our History
Trinity Lutheran Church was established in March 28, 1920 (Palm Sunday) when some of the members of St. Peter Lutheran Church on Sandhill Road wanted a church “in town.” At the time the two parishes were served by the same Pastor; that practice continued for many years.

In 1920 and still today, this congregation abides by a common confession:
“We the members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church believe and confess that the Bible (ie. the Canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments) is the revealed Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the only infallible authority, source, rule and guide in all matters of faith and practice. To this Word we humbly submit ourselves in all things.”

hands-compassionGod desires mercy, not sacrifice.
This Lenten season we are fasting from negativity and focusing on kindness, patience, love, mercy, gentleness, self-control and service to the world God loves.

Mercy, not Sacrifice

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