Children's Ministries News and Information

Each of our Sunday school students has a Mystery Brother or Sister who encourages them through mail, books, and small gifts throughout the year. In May, the Mystery person is revealed to the child.
March 20-21, 2020

We are hosting a Lock- In (where we stay all night in the church, locked in) for girls in the 6th grade. Our aim is to give girls some tools to deal with bullying and to equip them to be good friends to one another.

Who will be teaching/leading this overnight event?
Pastor Amy C. Little, DMin. MDiv – focus in Family Systems Theory
Olivia Clinker – Social Worker at Firelands Counseling
Jen Stephens – Author and teacher at Celeryville Christian School
with assistance by some other really great women who understand the trials of adolescence and care deeply about our children here in Monroeville.

Mothers are invited and encouraged to stay for part or all of the time. We will have a break-out session just for moms to discuss what you are seeing in the lives of your young ladies.