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Serving the Monroeville Community for nearly 100 years!

Brothers in Christ!

“We exist for no other reason than to serve our neighbors.”

(Martin Luther)

Trinity Lutheran Church
121 Broad Street
PO Box 497
Monroeville, Ohio

Our Staff
Rev. Dr.  Amy Little – Pastor
Susan Sutton – Administrative Assistant, Study Tables Coordinator
Tonia Smith – Volunteer Coordinator
Linda Myers – Custodian
Julie Roeder – Organist
Andrew Morfier – Organist

Church Council
Bret Gfell – President
Gary Underwood- Vice President
Sharon Heyman – Treasurer
Gary Underwood – Mission Team
Charlene Henney – Parish Life Team
Daniel Clinker, Josh Judge & Jim Thill – Property and Planning Team
Marlene Signs & Carolyn Adelman – GIFTs Team
Missy Kluding – Christian Education Team

Contact us by phone at 419-465-2480 or leave us a message by filling out the form below:

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