Daily Readings Revisted

lentpurpleDear friends,
From this point on I will put up the daily readings without the texts. You can read the selections from your own Bible which actually might be better for many. Each day will have a few comments to think about. Again, feel free to start the conversation here by posting a comment of your own. Here are the reading for Sunday through today.

Pastor Amy

Sunday, March 18

Exodus 8:1-19
Psalm 73
Romans 6:15-23

When you look around at this world, are you envious of those who are arrogant and speak with confidence? Do you envy those who have sound and sleek bodies, those who have prosperity, those who don’t seem to have troubles, like you do? Our Psalm also tells us that they have pride in themselves, that they scoff and speak with malice and that they set their mouths against heaven. They think they know more than God. But when we see the world through God’s eyes and we see the truth, our viewpoint changes. Do you make the Lord God your refuge? Is your goal to be near God?

Monday, March 19

Exodus 8:20-9:7
Psalm 74
Romans 7:1-6

Pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt. He watched pestilence harm his lands and his people. He watched all of the livestock of his people die while not one of the livestock of the Israelites died. He even asked Moses and Aaron to pray for him to their God. But, Pharaoh himself, would not turn to the Lord. God gave us the law so that we could see that we don’t act as we should. Then, if we turn to him and repent, he will forgive us in his grace. Pharaoh could see that God was powerful and that Pharaoh was not doing God’s will, but Pharaoh wouldn’t turn to God. Do you have faith in the Lord? Do you turn to him and repent and ask his forgiveness? Do you trust in his grace and in his love for you?

Tuesday, March 20

Exodus 9:8-35
Psalm 75
Romans 7:7-25

God wanted to get Pharaoh’s attention. He wanted the Egyptians to know that there is no one like him in all the earth. Pharaoh and the Egyptians trusted their magicians, they trusted their various gods. They even trusted themselves more than God. When God told them that hail would fall and would damage or kill their livestock and even themselves, they didn’t fear the Lord. They ignored his warning. Do you ignore God’s warnings? Do you live your daily life mindful of walking with him?

1 thought on “Daily Readings Revisted”

  1. I think that I do ignore God’s warning at times,but he always lets me know when I do. I try my best at walking daily with God some days are better then others.


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